What does $105 get you?

The annual mandatory fees collected by the Evergreen Residents Association are used for the purpose of ongoing operations and maintenance of the 17 community entrance features and feature park sites. These sites were originally constructed by Genstar as additional amenities for the community, above and beyond what the City of Calgary would request as part of a typical community development. As such, the City does not provide upkeep or maintenance of these sites; that is the sole responsibility of the ERA. Snow clearing during the winter months and landscaping maintenance during the summer months are all contracted out to ensure the ongoing upkeep of these sites. Please note snow clearing only occurs directly in front of the feature not the length of the sidewalk.

    *Click on the map below to interact and view our sites.

    *These sites are owned by the Evergreen Residents Association.

Financial Information

A copy of the current year's budget can be downloaded below. The major expenses include contracts for landscaping and snow removal, graffiti removal, and general maintenance. There is also a reserve fund for long-term site repair and replacement.

One of the significant components of the ERA's balance sheet is outstanding accounts receivables. There are a number of overdue membership accounts across the community. 

pdfERA Audited Financials Year Ending Aug 31, 2023
pdfERA Audited Financials Year Ending Aug 31, 2022