The winter lighting is on for the season and will remain on until February 15, 2021. Exciting new colours were installed at Site H (32 Eversyde Heath SW) this season! We look forward to your feedback on the new colours. Your feedback will help shape future decisions to continue or discontinue using coloured lighting and potentially adding more coloured lighting at ERA sites.

 Please see the winter lighting map here.

 Site H Coloured Winter Lights Nov 2020

The ERA is responsible for clearing only the portion of the sidewalk directly in front of the ERA sites.  The ERA is not responsible for clearing internal pathways of sites. As such you may notice a stretch of sidewalk is cleared while other sections of the same sidewalk are not.

For City sidewalk issues, please contact 311. Please refer to the City pathway map:

ERA Map Snow Clearance areas marked

If you want to zoom in on a specific site, please click on the link below:

ERA Snow Map

Please note the 2020-2021 Evergreen Residents Association annual HOA fee reminders have been sent out by mail and email. Please check your junk email folder if you have not received it but had signed up for the email option.

This fee covers the period from September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021. Please keep us up to date with current contact information.

Please note, going forward, HOA fee reminders will be sent by email only. If you would like to continue to receive your reminders by mail, please contact us with your property address and email through the website.

ERA Responsibilities Diagram Photo

Click here to download a printable copy.



During the summer of 2020, the ERA Board undertook a refurbishment project at Site O to allow for proper drainage of rainwater to the city storm system which alleviated the issue of water backing up in the drainage swale of adjacent homes during periods of heavy rain. The project was successfully completed and looks great.

Site O Remediation 2

Site O Remediation 3

Site O Remediation 1

Recently, new lighting was installed on the pergola at Site K and Site H.pic 3 -site k - evergreen pergola - back side - after.jpg

pic 2 - site k - evergreen pergola - front side - after.jpg

pic 3 evergreen site h

pic 4 evergreen site h

pic 5 evergreen site h

In 2018 the ERA board began an exciting multi-phase initiative with select entrance features; with a goal of creating interesting, four-season beds for residents to enjoy as they enter the Evergreen community.

In 2018, beds that were completed in the first phase of the redesign are located at Site A, B, D, E, F & G.

In 2019, the second phase of the project was completed at Site I & P.

In June of 2020, the third phase of the project was completed at Site M.

Lots of positive feedback has been received and we look forward to seeing the beds continue to flourish and fill in as the plants establish themselves.

At the time of development, Genstar constructed wood screening fences throughout the community, for the benefit of new homeowners. These fences are located on the private property line, and maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner. For those properties that back or side onto roadways, walkways, and parks, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining both sides of the fence. Fences that back onto ERA properties are the sole responsibility of the adjacent homeowner to repair and replace as per the caveat registered on your property. If you need a recommendation for a qualified contractor, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist with a recommendation.

The original paint colours and formulas are provided here for your information:

“Dark Evergreen” (Evergreen Estates - brown)

  • BEHR Paint  Colour: RUGGED TAN N190-4

“Light Evergreen” (Evergreen - cream)

  • BEHR Paint Colour:  PALE PARSNIP S320-2

BEHR Paint is available at Home Depot.  There is a Home Depot in Shawnessy.  Home Depot recommends flat paint for the fence.

Please assist with keeping the community fence colours consistent by painting your fence with the above colours.

Help keep our community clean!

>> Click Here to report damage/graffiti/vandalism.