You have probably noticed that the Evergreen Residents Association has been busy working with contractors to perform maintenance on a number of our sites. As some of these sites were constructed by Genstar in the early phases of Evergreen, there is some lifecycle maintenance required for a number of sites:

  • Evergreen Signage - all Evergreen community signage was removed and resurfaced. They are now a brilliant green colour, and provide a welcoming feature to our community.
  • Wrought Iron Fencing - the original fencing has started to deteriorate at a number of sites. The ERA Board investigated on-site painting, off-site painting, and replacement as options for improving these features. Ultimately, the Board determined that it was more cost effective to remove the old custom fencing, and replace with new low-maintenance fencing. Sites A & B were chosen for replacement this summer. The old fences have been removed, and the new fencing will be installed the week of August 19.
  • New LED lighting - All lighting, including decorate posts and flood-lamps, have been replaced with LED lighting. This will significantly reduce the operating and replacement costs for our lights, with the new LED system being more energy efficient, and more durable.
  • Painting of all fences and lamp posts - was completed in June & July

You may also have noticed an increase in the number of broken Stone Tiles at Site K. The ERA Board is currently working with our Stone Tile provider to get the broken tiles replaced, and a new skateboard-deterrent system installed. As always, please report any damage or vandalism through our website or email.


Evergreen Residents Association