Painting of Community Fences

At the time of development, Genstar constructed wood screening fences throughout the community. These fences are located on the private property line, and maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner. For those properties that back or side onto roadways, walkways, and parks, the homeowner is responsible for maintaining both sides of the fence.

The original paint colours and formulas are provided here for your information:

“Dark Evergreen” (Evergreen Estates - brown)

  • BEHR Paint  Colour: RUGGED TAN N190-4
“Light Evergreen” (Evergreen - cream)
  • BEHR Paint Colour:  PALE PARSNIP S320-2
BEHR Paint is available at Home Depot and they recommend flat paint for the fences.

Please assist with keeping the community fence colours consistent by painting your fence with the above colours.